Winter health tips for kitties

Do you love Winter? Not everyone does, cats included…

Persian cats have lovely thick, soft fur that helps keep them warm. However, other cats in winter may need some help, especially those with short fur which is not enough to protect them in the cold.

Now we’re in the dead of winter, it’s cold outside, and indoors can be dry. We need to be thinking of special needs our cats may have.

Here are a few tips.

First, create a few warm nooks in your home, where your cat can enjoy different comfy places. If your kitty likes a windowsill, make sure it’s free of drafts. And remember, floors get cold (which is why we wear slippers 🙂 so make sure your kitty’s bed is in a warm spot about the house.

Next, you may need to get a coat for your cat, even an indoor cat might need one. If you get one, make sure it fits and is comfortable for your kitty.

And then, think about your cat’s overall health in winter. Be sure your kitty is receiving balanced nutrition, a safe environment and sufficient physical and mental stimulation with lots of playtime. Of course, you should take your cat to the vet every 6 to 12 months for a checkup, and a winter check up is not a bad idea.

Also, you should give special attention to your cat’s diet in winter. Cats need more food to function in colder months. They tend to eat more, even while they reduce their water intake slightly. Please be sure your cat is drinking sufficient water such that dehydration does not become a problem. To get kitty to drink, try play and physical stimulation, as cats are more likely to consume fluids after exercise.

Finally, maintain the right temperature at home. You should exposing kitty to sudden temperature changes. And think about humidity, because excessive dryness can harm a cat’s respiratory system. Watch for coughing and other signs of dehydration. You might want to get a humidifier, or simply spray a little misty water into the air every few hours.

Remember, when temps drop below freezing, a house cat will usually not want to spend much time outside. Although a little outdoor playtime can be fun…

Here’s an idea – why not make a Wintertime cat shelter? It can be as simple as an insulated box with a small flap at the front. If well made, it will allow the cat’s own body heat to keep kitty warm, for a little while at least. Now, you can put a heating pad in it, but this will require a safe electrical hook-up and gets a little complicated.

Your winter shelter can be for feral and stray cats as well. But be sure to keep this separate from one for your house cat.

A final thought on kitty winter clothes… you should use quality material, and Hypoallergenic materials are recommended in case your cat suffers an allergy. Also, some material can rub against a cat’s skin, so be sure it is soft.

That’s all my musings for now. Wish you all love & warmth in cozy Winter,