Pet Safety

Safe Cat Boarding Services in Illinois
Safe Cat Boarding Services in Illinois

We are licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture and follow their guidelines for vaccination requirements. In addition, we also adhere to the guidelines of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) for vaccine requirements. Owners with cats with medical conditions may bring a note from their veterinarian if special vaccine waivers are needed.

We take great pride in our luxury cat boarding in Illinois. We keep every cat separate on play times–unless from the same family–so that there are no spats between cats. They enjoy seeing each other though and cats can safely run 30 feet if they choose to do so.

Everything is sanitized between cats to keep them safe from germs and healthy while here. We use Rescue disinfectant for the sanitation and cleaning of all our cat areas. This disinfectant is used by many veterinary practices because it has no harsh chemicals or odors that can trigger stress and anxiety in a pet.

Having clean, purified germ-free air is important to kitty…so we use several HEPA air purifiers and ionizers throughout the facility to help purify the air. We use only those that have been approved by the California Air Resource Board for human and pet safety. We also use dehumidifiers in summer and humidifiers in winter to make the air more comfortable. We also have an exhaust vent in the ceiling that pulls old air out. Fresh air is brought in via the windows and air conditioners. We’re always told how fresh our air smells.

Pet Safety is very important to us. Our facility has multiple exit doors, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and a carbon monoxide detector. Our facility is professionally monitored 24/7 via our smoke alarms that will go directly to the Richmond Fire Department if the smoke alarms are activated.

The owner lives on the property. Rest assured your cat will be safe here at The Enchanted Cat. Peace of mind is worth everything to our human customers.