The best in Chicago area pet boarding

Paula Warner

Hi, I’m Paula!

I’m proprietress of The Enchanted Cat. We’re going on 16 years of business in the Chicago area and we’re still here for you, in our lovely cat hotel in Richmond.

Chicago area cat boarding

Are you looking for a pet sitter alternative?

We’re much more than a pet sitter. We’re devoted to cat boarding.

What do we mean by cat boarding?

Orange Cat Watching Screen
Kitty t.v. !
Large Cat Enclosures
Our enclosures are very large and comfy

For us, cat boarding means comprehensive care for your cat. It means plenty of play and rest time, good nutritious meals, toys, even kitty t.v.!

We provide enormous 6 by 8 foot enclosures and ensure 4 hours daily play.

Your cat will not be left caged and bored!

And keep in mind, our cat community is exclusive; we don’t allow dogs.

Thus, we call ourselves the Pet Sitter Alternative. We invite you to try our cat boarding in lieu of a pet sitter.

Please call or write to me with your cat questions and to make reservations.

Thanks much… 🙂