The Enchanted Cat
Cat Boarding
Two cats lounging
"Cassie Girl" has been a
regular for ten years !
Cat napper
All cat cages are
heated in the winter
and fully
air-conditioned in the
summer months.

We are clean, sterile,
and going green.

Fresh air is
recirculated and
kitties are served
reverse osmosis
purified water
cat figurines for sale
Here are just a few of the  
gifts available for the cat
lover in your life.
Celebrity clients The Enchanted Cat had when we were in Los Angeles
When visiting The Enchanted Cat, check out our "wall of fame". It extends the
stairway wall going from the first floor to the second floor boarding area.  Pictured
here are just some of the 50 pic's of celebrities serviced by us while in Los Angeles.
We were on-call with 100's of veterinary hospitals & pet hospitals while running the
veterinary ambulance emergency transport service called "Pet Taxi Emergency". The
business is still operating in LA as of 2012.

Here you can see from top left: Henry (the Fonz) Winkler, Al Pacino, James Garner as
Maverick, George Clooney while he was on ER, Barbra Striesand,
and near the bottom, President and Mrs. Ronald Reagen.
The Enchanted Cat is proud to be a
member of the Interstate Monetary
System.  We trade our goods and
services with other IMS member
The Enchanted Cat
5602 George St.
Richmond, IL  60071
Call toll-free for appt.'s
About Us
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page to see a  bio about
Paula Warner, the owner.
Two, "too cute" boarders !
Call us toll-free at:  
We'd love to talk to you...
and almost always answer the phone!
Paula the owner
Celebrity clients The Enchanted Cat had when we were in Los Angeles
Former Los Angeles clients of The Enchanted Cat