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From cards sent:

Hi Paula, If they gave out stars for good deeds, you'd own a galaxy ! Thanks so much for taking such good care of me while my parents were away, Love "Dennylow".
Mike & Pam thank you too. What a beautiful place The Enchanted Cat" is.

Thank you so much for all your help with "Scotty". He is all better and things are great. You are so wonderful and I'm so glad I know of you and your special kitty
palace........Love Shawn

Thank you so much for making "Sammie" so beautiful and for all your gentle grooming care. Good luck in your business and we'll try to send customers your way......
Sincerely Pam L.y

From Yellowpages.com
We came in Feb. 2014 and my husband and I were surprised to see a place thats just so devoted to cats. We've lived in the area for two years and had no idea you
were so close. All we ever see out there is dog kennels with tiny cages for cats. Hope your business survives this rotten economy.   
                                                                                                               Sandy Reicrest
From "Yahoo Local Listings"/Richmond, IL                                       
Paula, the owner of the Enchanted Cat is the best. She just loves cats and treats all the cats she grooms with love. I have a long-haired cat, who can be difficult to
groom, but she took such good care of her. Also, she is a wealth of knowledge for any problems you might be having with you pet grooming issues. I have moved from
McHenry Co. to Chicago and still will make the trip twice a year to take my cat to this place.

From a personal letters:
We recommend you to everyone with cats, for adoptions too. You are truly a wonderful person for what you do. ....Anyway, we're glad your business is doing well. God
bless you for your work with the kitties who need homes. I'm(blank)'s groomer writing this, the one with the finches I can never find anyone to babysit for. It would give
your kitties something to entertain them if you babysat for me!                                                                                                                                                                             
In God's

Thank you again for the excellent job on our babies.  "Piper and Tuck" never looked or felt better!
                                                                                                 Raquel Harris

Reviews, letters, and cards, regarding
out cat boarding facility.
Paula, thank you so much for taking such great care of me! I will miss you, "Max".
Note mailed 4-23-14, from Suzanne

Hi Paula, Thank you for such a handsome job on "Kiki". Mom and I love the longer fur with the lion cut. You are the best cat groomer and we so appreciate
everything you do! Love Kim & Joani,
Note mailed 4--7-14
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From a letter mailed Aug. 19, 2014)
Dear Paula,
I would like to thank you for taking the time to chat with me about you experiences with kennels and boarding last Saturday. I realize I took up some of your
valuable time, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your openness and honesty. I walked away with much food for thought. Gina and I loved your
facility and how you were able to set it up. I won't hesitate to recommend it to my friends and clients.
Wishing you much continued success...Nella Spencer

Note mailed  5-17-104, from Carolyn Lloyd & Faith Brucato
Dear Ladies at The Enchanted Cat,
I wish to thank you for all that you did for our cats Gomez & Spookie. We'll miss your grooming studio. You did a fabulous job always.
Best Wishes to you both!
Oct. 10, 2014 Review posted on Internet review source Yelp.com:
Mike D./Kenosha, WI
We went on Vacation out of state for 2 weeks and needed a place to take our 2 cats. We found The Enchanted Cat Grooming and Boarding
house thru the Internet and were very impressed. Although the drive was an hour away from our house, it was well worth the drive. The owner
Paula promptly took care of our 2 cats and made the transition with lots of ease. She ensured she had the proper information to provide each
cat  with special care. After our 2 weeks on vacation, we knew that we did not have to worry about the well being of our cats knowing they were
in good hands. When we returned, each cat had been groomed wonderfully and were content. The price also was very reasonable for its
high quality of service. I would highly recommend this grooming/cat boarding to anyone within the Southeast Wisconsin/Chicago area.
4-2-14 Internet review posting on Yellowpages.com:
I had to leave town unexpectedly and I have never boarded my cats but this time I need to. I called and a lovely woman answered the phone. I spoke with her and
felt at ease immediately. I dropped my two kids off and was blown away, very clean, no smell and wonderful. When I picked up my cats 15 days later they were in
better condition that when I dropped them off. Coats were shiny and they were very happy. Needless to say I was thrilled and will be a returning customer.
Susan G.
Topanga, CA

5-25-14 Internet review posting on yahoo.com:
I wish I lived closer to Richmond, because I would totally board my cats here. Owner was incredibly nice and knowledgeable about cats. Upstairs there is  cat
boarding in a bright , sunny area housing 6ft. tall wire cages loaded with cushioned perches, TV's showing bird and squirrel video's, toys, It's bet than where I live !
Carolynne M.
By Rachael A. Lund,
an "anonymous" reporter who
stopped in and took pictures or
our cat hotel and talked to us.

See her wonderful "surprise"
article/review  to The Enchanted
(complete with pictures!!!)  
Magdalena Hebel

Chicago, IL
3/7/2014  FIVE STAR RATING from YELP.com
We searched quite a bit for somewhere to leave our girls during our three month trip.  We drove out to visit Paula and Darlene and knew
right away that The Enchanted Cat was the best place for our kitties.  The place is clean, the cages are large and comfortable, and best of
all the cats are allowed to periodically roam freely.  It really feels more like a home than a boarding facility.  Paula and Darlene seem to be
devoted to cats and took excellent care of our girls.  They are both qualified and very caring in their approach.  When one of our girls was
feeling sick, they tried many different strategies to making her feel better until the problem was solved.  Paula even took her to her own
home for some time and kept in contact with me any time I had any concerns.  When we returned, our cats looked happy and comfortable.  
They seemed like they were at home and were very loving towards their temporary "moms".  It made our trip so much better because we
had peace of mind knowing that our cats were in the best hands.  We will definitely be back the next time we are away.  Thank you Paula
and Darlene for taking such great care of our girls!
Michael C.

Crystal Lake, IL
3/12/2014 FIVE STAR RATING from YELP.com
This company does an absolutely fabulous job grooming cats.  We have 3 Ragdoll's who can get a little worked up when out of their
normal interior surroundings. We looked for a pet groomer. This was our first time bringing them to The Enchanted Cat, and we are very
glad we did.  The referral we received from a very close friend said they were very thorough, and reasonably priced.  They were right on the
money.  They absolutely look beautiful, and their undercoat is really thinned out.  They are amazingly clean and perfectly groomed.  I would
strongly recommend working with this company, and we intend to return annually for this reasonably priced grooming.  Very nice people,
passionate about their work, and only do cats.  I believe that is important as well.  A+ all the way around.  Mike & Laura C.
Feb. 16, 2015   Thank you so much for "Kiki"'s great care & your trust. We will highly recommend your pet kennel. Deb & Greg P. (personal note mailed)
I love this place! 5 Stars
Provided by YP.com Posted by cchipss75 on 07/24/2015
I love this place! I take my medium/long haired cat every 6 months for a "waxing" and he is shed free because of it
Dear Paula,                                                                                                       July 25, 2015
I can't begin to thank you and Darlene enough for taking such good care of my boy, Monticore. He is my love and I
really don't know what I would do if not for The Enchanted Cat. You are truely a God-send.
Love & God Bless
Sharon Olsen
Paula,                                                                                                                                                                  7-30-15       (note from client)
Thank you so much for our peace of mind when we have to leave "Tiger Lily" behind on rare occasions. We love the way you care for all your little visitors.
Marie Galanter, McHenry, IL
Greetings from Alaska,     (From post-card mailed 7-29-15)

I've been here 12 days now and have done a lot. Spent a few days at Denali National Park-quite possibly the most beautiful place on earth. Saw moose, caribou, grizzly bears, ptarmigan,
dall sheep and synx...and not in a zoo. I am having a great time because I know my babies are getting great care at The Enchanted Cat. I'll be telling all my friends about your place.
Virginia Billings
Dear Ms. Warner,           (From card mailed 12-18-15)

Thank you for taking such good care of our four cats
while I was in the hospital. I think they really enjoyed
themselves--even "Bad Kitty", although you probably
couldn't tell. You really do provide outstanding
services and I'm so grateful that I found you. Most
Sincerely, Connie Elliott
Hi Paula,                                      Card sent 1-13-16

Thank you for doing a great job watching "Vegas for us. He
looks great after his bath too. We'll see you on Oct. 13.
Barb & Jay Needleman
(Card sent from" Spay & Stay" humane group 1-30-16

Dear Enchanted Cat,
Stinky", (Paula's cat) is being honored by Andrea Kitowski through
her generous donation to "Spay & Stay". Through Andrea's gift in
"Stinky's" honor, we will continue our journey towards ending feline
homelessness. Your friends at "Spay & Stay", Mundelien, IL