Sorry to all, but we are not doing cat grooming any longer, we are too
busy with the cat boarding.

The above pictures are real: This is not a shaved cat, in fact, her "hair" is left totally intact.
All the fur on the floor is "undercoat," and you and your cat,  
Don' !!
Our specialized cat grooming can solve all you grooming issues once and for all.

This shows the amount of undercoat a cat groomer can get out of  every cat by de-waxing their de-waxing is free with every bath. It is the underlying problem of shedding and matting    

The below write-up of cat skin de-waxing is long...but isn't your cat worth it? Reading this will            
likely solve your cat grooming issues once and for all and doesn't everybody love a hair-free            

              *Throughout the day cats are offered a litter box, food/water, catnip,
             catnaps (every 7 minutes), fish flakes, love, and cat movies

Think Your Cat Doesn't Need a Bath ??

  It is a myth that cat's don't need baths, here's why:

Do you get cat hair in your eyes and don't know why? (undercoat floats in the air)
***Undercoat is responsible for many of these problems.

What causes allergies to cats is skin dander, undercoat, and the protein in cat saliva that sticks to cat hair and undercoat. These three         
major things "float in the air" and expose the nose, mouth, and eyes to the allergens. Cat skin-dewaxing, massive undercoat raking, and
colloidal oatmeal baths are how we address all three. While there is no such thing as a hypo-allergenic cat, the "Siberian" cat, for          
example, lacks this protein and is considered the least allergic of cats.

If your cat hasn't had his skin de-waxed in the last year, you probably have one of
                            the above listed problems!

The answer is simple, when we domesticated cats and brought them into our homes, we forgot that their bodies
were genetically designed for the outdoors. As they were exposed to the weather, cat's developed a waxy
skin-coating that locked-in their undercoat. This skin-coating also told their bodies to keep producing more
undercoat in order to stay warm in cold weather, this is how they survived below zero temperatures.

Outdoors, a cat's coat would build a thick layer of cotton-like fibers (called undercoat) to keep them-
selves warm. Our indoor cat's don't need this thick fibrous undercoat. This waxy coating on the
skin in usually not seen by the human eye. It's much like when we take a bath for two hours and dry off
with a rough towel, we see lots of white dead skin cells. With a
blue de-waxer that is rubbed into the
cat's skin
for 15 minutes, all the cat's waxy skin build-up, or dandruff is gently brushed out. The result is       
that the cat's massive undercoat can now be stripped away and you'll have up to 80% less shedding and       

Cat Grooming Prices:  $55.00/short-haired cat     $65.00/long-haired cat   
*$5.00 discount on grooming if boarding too            *price does not include lion-cuts or extensive de-mattting    
The price includes:
**cat skin de-waxing
**shaving top & bottoms of all feet
**clipping between all toes to get out ground-in litter and matts
**clipping the claws, shaving under the chin
**cleaning eyes & ears
**extensive undercoat raking
**baby-powder scent
**butt manicure (
cleaning, oiling, and lightly shaving the area, gently expressing anal glands
if                    needed)

Who will be grooming my cat ?
All cat grooming is done in a gentle and loving way by Paula and Darlene. Paula opened in Richmond, IL in    
2003 and previously owned a veterinary ambulance service in Los Angeles for 15 years. As a dedicated        
animal activist she was a featured guest on many TV and radio shows while in LA. Paula has a bachelor's       
degree in journalism and worked at CBS-TV News before working with animals.

To schedule an appointments, or if you have any questions, please call:  

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(Sorry we are no longer doing cat
Cat undercoat pulled out from our grooming process
A cat after being skin-dewaxed from our grooming