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A Pet Boarding Facility JUST for Cats

Not far from Chicago!

Call 800-516-1228       *Established in 2002
The Enchanted Cat building in Richmond
Welcome To The Cat Sitter Alternative
Talk to us toll-free at (800) 516-1228
Drive a Little and Save a Lot...serving IL and WI
Your kitty will never be lonely here!
What makes us so different ?
* Enormous cages.  *Four-hours daily-play included.  *No Doggies.  *Cat-TV movies in every cage.
We've spared no expense:   Worlds Best cat litter, purified water, conscientious medical care, clean purified fresh air, and cat petters.
Kitty's enjoy cat movie's and
enormous caging.
View of two of our cat boarding areas
We do very specialized cat grooming featuring cat skin-dewaxing
(Cat skin de-waxing is included free  and is the most important thing you can do for your cat)

Skin-dewaxing can dramatically reduce matting & shedding.
Only $55. for an eight-feature groom.
The Enchanted Cat
5602 George St.
Richmond, IL  60071
Drive a little & Save a Lot
Call For Apt.'s
(800) 516-1228
White cat in cat tree
cat lounging
Brown tabby cat resting in play area
Cat's in the play area
Paula Warner, runs and personally oversees every aspect of  "The Enchanted Cat", seven days a week.
She sold her former "high drama" pet taxi emergency business in 2002 in order to be closer to her family
in Antioch.

For 15 years, she owned the veterinary ambulance service "Pet Taxi Emergency" in Los Angeles. Her
business involved racing to the scene of various "downed-animal" calls. Vehicles were equipped with
oxygen, stretchers, gurney, ropes, etc. to help distressed animals safely survive their trip to the hospital
(even if they fell down a cliff). Paula was trained in animal CPR at UCLA. She would then work closely with
veterinary emergency staff to complete life-saving measures. Consoling distraught owners was also a big
part of the job. She was eventually "on-call" with every veterinary hospital in Los Angeles. A great lady
bought the business and Paula still serves as a consultant to the business today.

If interested, see the "About Us" page to see the celebrity roster of people she worked with while in
Hollywood. Working with aggressive cats became a side-line that she still practices with rescue and feral
cats. She was considered the
original "cat whisperer" and owns the much-sought-after Internet domain
name  Cesar Milan, the "dog whisperer" was somebody she worked with and
shared ideas with long before he became famous.

She was a featured guest regarding animal issues on many radio and TV news shows, including CBS,
NBC, ABC, and Animal Planet. Animal activism to protect all animals continues to be her passion today.

Previous to discovering the wonderful animal world, Paula received a bachelors degree in journalism and
worked at CBS-TV news in Los Angeles.
1st floor fireplace
Gigantic cat cage 8 by 8 by 6
Cat gift shop
Cat tree for cats to play on
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We fill out the paperwork for you by our cozy
Upstairs boarding for cats
Cat Gift Shop
cat eating lots of treats
We do cat treats twice a day,
maybe too many for him? Ha Ha
Cat-TV movies play in every cage !
Visit our beautiful historic town for the
afternoon visit. Antique and novelty
shops abound. Lunch anyone?
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Formerly in Los Angeles, we opened here in 2002. To
see our former celebrity roster, see the "About Us" page.
*Feel free to browse all the five-star reviews
on the web search engines, or see our
"Reviews" page.          
Talk of the Town Winner seal

For Christmas of Yesteryear, staff dressed as Victorian ladies, lots of fun!  The Bohemian cat couple picture... I couldn't resist!
Black and white kitty resting
kitten for adoption
One of our cute little adoptees. (We offer a
FREE Spay & Neuter program for residents of
Richmond who are feeding outdoor feral cats.)
Cat TV/video runs in every cage
Owner of The Enchanted Cat Paula Warner
Downtown Richmond next to our cat hotal
Cat boarding and cat grooming staff dress-up day
1st Floor Cat Boarding
Happy Boarder
They trust you. You can trust us.